About Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a very widespread urogenital system disorder. Very often it`s called impotence and, unfortunately, many people believe that it`s incurable. This belief provokes various fears that can bring to a total refuse of treatment and deepening of psychological problems connected with performance anxiety and failure in bed.

Why It Appears?

In fact, erectile dysfunction is not a disease at all, though for the overwhelming majority of men this is the most psychologically painful problem. It can be called disorder or diagnostic syndrome that signals that there is something wrong in the body. As a matter of fact, the symptoms of ED become visible at the age over 40. Up to this age men tend to have such diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular or endocrine or nervous system diseases. All factors that affect vessels, hormone levels and nerves can provoke ED.

Also, there are psychological factors that cause erectile dysfunction. Today nobody can`t avoid stress and episodes of depression. The older you are, the more stresses you have already experienced. Stress can affect all organs and systems of the body, but first of all it affects brain – the main “steering wheel” of your erection.

ED Symptoms

Consult Your Doctor If You Noticed Some Of These Symptoms:

  • You can`t achieve or maintain erection during sexual intercourse
  • Your erection has become weaker
  • You can maintain an erection only if you really concentrate on the process
  • Your morning erection has become rare
  • You don``t have a morning erection

Medical Consultation

Erectile dysfunction is treated by andrologists. If you started to noticed some unpleasant symptoms, it`s better to consult a doctor. The faster you get your treatment, the easier will be the process of treatment and the faster you will get rid of the symptoms. First of all, your doctor will diagnose a disease that provokes ED and prescribe some medicines that can treat or minimize it. If your trigger disease is well-treated, you will notice that eventually your erection will become better even without special treatment. But, unfortunately, it happens not so often, because men tend to have hard-to-cure diseases or mixed diseases, so the treatment of them often takes too much time.

It`s very important to minimize factors that provoke ED. Alcohol abuse, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle bring to negative changes in your body and contribute to progression of ED. Healthy life style has opposite effect on your body condition and erection. Healthy habits can gradually bring to absolute disappearance of ED symptoms, but you have to wait because this process takes tame.

What can you do to make ED symptoms vanish right away? Well, there is just one answer to this question. Take Levitra. This is a prescription drug that makes ED symptoms disappear in 25 minutes after the intake. With this drug you can control your erection no matter what disease you have – diabetes or hypertension or something else. Just take it right now and forget about your problems!

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